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Pregnancy PWNS! (A PGD at GDC)

Where oh where has Jetgirl been?

The succinct answer is holding onto the toilet for dear life and falling asleep in brainstorming meetings. Yep, I’m pregnant, and I’ve had just about enough energy to make it to work everyday, try to stay awake, and make it back home. Any and all side projects (including my dear blog) had fallen by the wayside.

The good news is I am starting to get my energy back. A little. But its interesting how something as simple as growing a baby inside you(!) can change things.

Take GDC. I usually look forward to this week with unrestrained ready to party till I drop relish. But “till I drop” happens alot earlier this time round. Monday night I went to the Telltale party and I really did have a blast. I consumed a ginger ale, a non-alcoholic beer (which I found out actually has 0.5% alcohol) and any food that wandered into arm’s reach. The non-alchoholic beer actually gave me a little buzz, which was a nice surprise. I had a great time hanging out with my Telltale peeps and our extended family, and I met some new folks as well. So even though I wasn’t drunk and I went home at around 11, I would consider it a successful event.

Yesterday I went to the Women In Games International conference. Really good time, learned alot. More on that later. What was really awesome for a PGD (pregnant game developer) was the fact that there was a ten minute break between each session to go pee and grab some of the copious snacks that overflowed in that place. I mean they had every type of nutrition bar on the market (in various flavors) plus the rich sweet looking treats that I knew my stomach wouldn’t be able to handle, and bags of nuts and stuff. I had brought along a whole barrage of snacks and didn’t have to eat any of what was tucked away in my bag. Oh and at the reception afterwards? Hot foods included chicken skewers (they had peppers though, so I avoided them), super yummy stuffed mushrooms, and grilled vegetable quesadillas. On top of that they had MOUNTAINS of awesome cheeses and crackers and sourdough bread. I unabashedly had one plate of warm mushrooms and quesadillas, and two plates full of cheese and bread. Hey, the little guy (or gal) needs ta eat, ya know?

So I was driving home from EA and I had two different parties I could go to. The IGDA members party and the IGF nominees party. Both sounded fun. As I was weighing them in my fatigued mind, however, a third possibility swam its way to the surface of my thoughts.

So I went home. It was only 8pm, but man I was tired. And cuddling on the couch with my husband while reading seemed a much better way to spend the rest of the evening. Pregnancy strikes again.
I’m heading in to GDC today, and can’t wait. But first we have to go in to the doctor and get our first ultrasound. I’ll miss some really exciting looking talks, but seeing our baby for the first time…Well, it just doesn’t get any more exciting than that.

Keep ya posted on the PGD’s look at GDC…tune in tomorrow!

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