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Interviews with Socially Conscious Game Makers — #1: Introduction, Teaser

As one of my self-chosen assignments for school last quarter (grad school is awesome like that) I chose to conduct interviews with socially conscious game makers.  From CEOs of companies to independent game developers to professional researchers, these individuals all share one passion (that I share as well!): Using games to make the world a better place.  I was particularly interested in investigating what drove them to this path and how they are managing to traverse it.

The questions I asked are as follows:

In the book Be Bold: Create a Career with Impact, the authors discuss the concept of a “moment of obligation” which is the defining moment when you felt called to a particular purpose.  Sometimes this is one particular moment in time, sometimes it is a build up of many things over time.  Could you describe your “moment of obligation” in creating socially conscious games?

What is important about the work you do?

What unique advantages do you feel games have as a medium for this type of message?

What has been your biggest challenge in creating a company around socially conscious games?

Is your company organized as a profit or non-profit?  What do you feel is the advantage of this approach?  (If you would prefer not to discuss your business, feel free to skip this question).

What would you consider the most important advice for beginning social entrepreneurs in the area of games?

The answers I got back showed people who are completely invested in what they do, and who truly believe that games are one of our most important paths to change for the future.

I will be dispersing my resulting interviews out over the next few months, at the rate of one a week.  Keep your eyes peeled for some really interesting stories and insights about what drives these makers of truly exciting game projects.

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