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Still blogging after all these years…

  Alot of things have happened since I last visited this blog.  I had another baby.  My first baby started kindergarten.  I graduated from UCSC with an MFA in Digital arts and New Media.  I started a couple jobs.  I still haven’t finished my Kickstarted game, Before You Close Your Eyes.

But even though my last bout of real writing ended when I submitted my thesis paper in July, words and thoughts have been piling up inside my head.  Its time for them to start coming out.
My relationship with games has changed quite a bit since I first started writing Aliens In the Desert 9 years ago.  I feel as though my relationship has deepened.  A little like how you love someone but then one night the both of you are a bit drunk walking on the beach and you are telling each other personal stories that reveal dark secrets and hidden vulnerabilities, and the next day you aren’t sure that you can be friends anymore but once that shock wears off you love them more than ever.  A bit like that.  I’ve been making games professionally for nine years.  That hardly makes me a “veteren” but It has been enough time to accumulate some interesting experience, shed some tears, go through the wringer a few times.  I’ve also had a lot of time to think about this medium that I love, consider its place in the world, and bemoan its wasted potential.
Rekindling this blog is partially my effort to stop bemoaning, and start doing.  I have a tendency to get ahead of myself.  I like to jump in with both feet, usually without looking to even see how deep the pool is.  But life has changed.  I need to slow it down a bit.  With a full time job, two young children and an indie game project undereway, the most I can afford to do is dip a toe in the water.  So here I go. Dip dip dip.
Once I figure out how to do it properly, I am going to archive all the blog posts from before a certain date.  I feel like what is posted here should be relfective of my current observations and thoughts of games, and not the process that led me here. Expect the blog to be more about Socially Responsible game design, and my own experiments with social consciousness.  Expect, too, that the range of topics may broaden (gasp) beyond games.  I need an outlet for my thoughts, and this is the venue I’ve chosen.
So thank you to anyone who reads these words.  I hope you enjoy what’s to come.

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