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Stuff Quest — Baby Sweatshirt (Prologue)

Know Your Stuff was coalescing slowly in my brain for awhile, but finally came together, appropriately, at 3am on Black Friday 2012.   The day after Thanksgiving in the United States — which is roughly a month until Christmas — is deeemed “Black Friday” because it is the busiest shopping day of the year (a black day if you are a retail worker).  Companies capitalize on this by offering all sorts of crazy-cheap deals to get people into stores where they will fall into a shopping frenzy and eventually buy out everything in sight.  This strategy, sadly, works.  I mean, who doesn’t like a good deal?

I certainly do.  Which is why, on this particular Black Friday, when my baby son woke up at 3am and wouldn’t go back to sleep I turned my web-browser to check out the deals at Old Navy’s web site.  We are travelling to Atlanta for Christmas, which some years gets very chilly, and my boy had just grown out of his last comfy sweatshirt.  So I visited my friend Old Navy and sure enough, there in all its fleecy, bear eared, stripe-ied glory was an adorable little sweatshirt for just $10!  Added to cart.  Oh hey, here it is in another cute color!  Always good to have a back-up.  Added to cart.  Hmm, he could use some more pants maybe — here’s some cute ones! Added to cart.  Oh man, lookit this hat!  Have you ever seen anything more adorable?  Added to cart.  Maybe another pair of pajamas.  Cart.  Hmm.  I’d better get something for big sister too so she doesn’t feel left out.   I don’t really see anything I like that much, but she might like this. Cart.

All of a sudden, my virtual shopping bill which had started with one item at $10 became a ppound of clothing at over $100!  (At least I now qualified for free shipping).  Fortunately, my moment of clarity came to me BEFORE I confirmed the order.  “Wait a minute…” a voice inside me said “I thought I was going to SAVE money here.  And do we really need all this stuff?  Where does all this stuff COME FROM anyway?”

It was 3:45 am, on the busiest shopping day of the year, that I began my first Stuff Quest.

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